The MaCallan Manor- Miami

The Macallan Manor Miami


“As a man gets older, his regrets changes. Especially when he’s gotten into the Scotch.”
― Robert Crais, The Forgotten Man

Scotch is made for sharing stories, sometimes by oneself but preferably with a good group of friends. The Macallan Manor Miami took place at the beautiful M building, in the heart of Wynwood. It was an immersive experience not to be missed, featuring actors, themed rooms, and of course Macallan Scotch.

The Forest

After briefly mingling we were led to a hallway featuring outerwear for the first part of our journey. A few brave souls threw on hats, flannel jackets, and scarves for added flair. Once the velvet curtains parted we were transported to a Scottish forest in the heart of Miami. The floor was covered in moss, branches, and dark soil. The tree’s bark was rough to the touch and the light filtered throughout the leaves making it look like we were on an evening stroll through a Scottish forest.

Scotch Olfactory

From there a visiting Scotsman extolled the praises of the complex flavors found in the Macallan 12 year. We sampled dried fruits and learned about the aromas that help create Macallan’s rich, complex flavor. There were glass containers suspended from the forest canopy that encased the essence of Macallan’s flavors. You were able to spritz the scent into the air to really get a good sense of the flavors that are found in your favorite glass of Macallan.

The Macallan Test

Boom! The resident cooper made himself known by knocking a majestic hammer on the reclaimed wooden tables. Here we were presented with Macallan 12 and Macallan 15 . We were asked to perform a blind taste test to break down the flavors and discern which one was which. Fruits and two kinds of cheese were brought out to help guests make the best guess possible. My superior tasting skill resulted in me choosing correctly (just kidding I did rock paper scissors with my seatmate).

As we exited the Cooper’s lair we got to try Macallan clouds. Imagine a tiny still that releases Macallan scented gas into the air. It was a whimsical and aromatic contraption that changed the way I think about the states of matter.


After emerging victorious we found ourselves gathered around our storytellers for the evening. It was like a campfire except we had adult beverages and comfy seats. We were then regaled with stories that touched on ties that bind, hope, and the pleasure derived from a glass of Macallan served neat.

We concluded our evening with a custom Macallan cocktail and enjoyed a rousing performance from a local jazz band. Despite being the home of endless summer, this evening was a splendid farewell to summer. Miami won’t be cooling down any time soon but I’ll definitely be turning my A/C up, pilling on some throws, and enjoying a glass of Macallan 12 on the rocks.

Macallan will travel to 9 US cities. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to have an immersive experience in the Macallan Manor just know it is an evening you won’t soon forget. The remaining dates can be found below.

Washington, D.C- October 23rd,24th

Atlanta, GA – October 30th,31st

Los Angeles, CA – November 6th, 8th

I was hosted by Macallan for their Macallan Manor event. All opinions are my own.


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